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ARAXPage as the first and most powerful Farsi OCR software has unique features which are listed below:


Automatic document layout analysis and recognition accuracy

ARAXPage's automatic analysis of document layout and high accuracy in extracting texts, makes it an outstanding product. Some of these features are:

  1. Automatic correction of rotation and black edges of scanned documents:

    ARAXPage can automatically delete black edges of documents and also corrects rotations which are usually occurred during scan process. This increases recognition accuracy.

  2. Enhancing pictures quality:

    For different reasons including low quality of printed document, noises, dirt and blemishes or incorrect scan settings, the document image may not be qualified for OCR process. ARAXPage provides you with picture editing and enhancement tools by which you can enhance document images manually and increase the accuracy.

  3. High Accuracy:

    Innovative approaches are used in the software which are carefully chosen for Farsi language. This has improved the quality of recognition dramatically. In the same time, ARAXPage can read typed English texts with high accuracy also. In other words by purchasing ARAXPage you don't need an English OCR system.

  4. Automatic Language Identification:

    ARAXPage is capable of identifying English words and phrases in midst of Farsi text and read them. For this reason, you can comfortably use
    ARAXPage for converting new scientific Farsi articles which include many English words.

  5. Trade-off between speed and accuracy:

    For documents with suitable quality, you can choose to read documents very fast and do your job in less time.

  6. Possibility of recognition of text in pictures:

    If there is certain text inside some pictures and you want to read them, ARAXPage provides you with tools to this by creating text zones inside those pictures manually.

  7. Possibility of manual zoning:

    If for any reason (e.g. drastically low quality of document image) automatic zoning did not work properly or you want to change it (e.g. you don't want to read all parts of document) you can do it manually!


WYSIWYG Editor and standard output formats

ARAXPage includes a built-in text editor which enables you to easily correct extracted texts in case they need corrections. By this editor, you don't need to use other editors like Microsoft® Word®, although in the included editor original image of the word you want to correct is displayed along with it. Some features of this part are:

  1. Farsi Font Recognition:

    One of the most important features of ARAXPage is the capability of text font recognition. Currently ARAXPage can identify 10 famous Farsi fonts successfully.

  2. Table Recognition:

    ARAXPage can identify table in document image and read its cells separately.

  3. Preserving document layout:

    ARAXPage with above two features along with others can preserve document image layout and create the output exactly as seen in document image. It's obvious that this feature saves time for users by eliminating the need for recreating layout in other editors.

  4. Display of original image of chosen word in editor:

    ARAXPage displays original image of word or phrase which you are currently editing and also highlights the corresponding part of document image. There's no need to say how much this feature eases editing operation.

  5. Farsi and English Spell-Checker:

    If there's a word recognized which is not in the dictionary, ARAXPage shows this word to you and list the suggestions sorted according to similarity. You can use several Farsi and English dictionaries at the same time.

  6. Search and replace:

    This feature enables you to apply a series of similar changes easily.


User Interface

We've tried our best to bring you OCR functionality with simplest form. This will enable even novice users to utilize ARAXPage easily. Some of the features are:

  1. Simplicity and Usability:

    To run major operation with software only one click of mouse is enough. Even there's a standard set of shortcuts defined so that user don't even need clicking to do what he/she wants!

  2. Batch Management:

    ARAXPage enables you to collect relevant document images together and perform OCR actions on some of them, all of them or one of them. Also you can save your current batch and continue your work on the next session.

  3. Document status:

    If the user wants to know the status of a document (from OCR point of view), it suffices to command software to display document status! By this utility in addition to the status of document, you can even see the histogram of recognition confidence!


Support for Networking (Network edition only)

In case you've chosen network edition for your organization, incorporation or company, in addition to economic benefits you can utilize networking capabilities too:

  1. Distributing process load on the network:

    Each of network clients can take a specific role in OCR process and this will increase the overall speed.

  2. Easy expansion:

    If you've got too many documents it suffices to buy some new computers and connect them to your network, afterwards put a part of process load on them.

  3. Centralized control utility:

    In network edition you can manage the OCR process centrally and apply your own standards to whole OCR workflow. Added to this you can supervise users and see how they work on-line.

  4. Economic solution for organizations:

    If you want to provide many people in your organization with OCR technology, we will give you reasonable discount (according to number of users).