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AraxPage Usage

  • Retyping paper documents is no longer needed

    Retyping paper documents

    Instead of spending hours or even days retyping documents you already have printed on papers, do this by ARAXPage only with a few clicks in a few seconds. Experience has shown that a professional typist in an 8 hour working shift can type about 60 pages (Each page approximately 600 words). ARAXPage can do the same thing only in 8 minutes. This is an improvement in efficiency about 6000%!


  • Convert your documents, articles, magazines, ... into digital libraries

    documents, articles, magazines

    Do you spend a lot of space for archiving documents, books, newspapers,...? Do you want to share them with society (through INTERNET for example)?

    ARAXPage will help you to convert paper documents into digital edit and searchable versions and by this means, a huge paper printed library can be contained in disk! Also you can search among your document and get information from resources you wouldn't refer to it in it's paper printed form! You will be able to search in books with improper table of contents and find even your desired word in them and by this means speed up your research much more faster.


  • Make your office automation system intelligentoffice automation system

    Have you got an office automation system in which you store letters, circulars and deeds after scanning them? If you add ARAXPage into this system, you can add a digital version of those pictures to your automation system and eliminate need for retyping them or extracting data from them such as dates, serial numbers,....


  • Exploit your facilities functionalityfacilities

    Do you have already paid for computer and scanner? If you add ARAX to this collection, it will enable you to get your money back from resulting save in time and cost. ARAXPage makes your computer and scanner an intelligent entity which can do the job of several professional typists. It suffices to scan your documents and give the images to ARAXPage.

AraxPage Accuracy

In order to check the accuracy of ARAXPage in reading Farsi/English texts, you can check some sample forms read by the software. In this collection different kinds of documents (different scanning resolutions, fonts, context, ...) are gathered so that you can have a better sense about ARAXPage capabilities. For each document you can download the picture and corresponding RTF file. It's considerable that there has been no manual correction done on these files and the RTF is the file created with ARAXPage, just with a single click!

A poem from Hafez (300 dpi)

One poem from Hafez with dark background. ARAX intelligently identifies dark backgrounds and extract text in these backgrounds also. This text contains serious text spacing corrections, the ARAX identifies and preserves.

Fatemeh, is Fatemeh(300 dpi)

This text which is chosen from "Fatemeh, is Fatemeh" written by Dr. Sharia'ti, is typed using Mitra Font.

Ferdowsi biography (300 dpi)

Biography of Ferdowsi, scanned with 300dpi resolution. There are different fonts used in this document, which ARAX has identified and used in creating output RTF file.

Fonts recognized by ARAXPage (300dpi)

This text contains different zones: Text, Picture and Table. Cells in the table contain both Farsi and English words.

Roodaki biography (300 dpi)

Written in English, this text is Rudaki's biography. ARAX not only read Farsi texts accurately, but also English texts are read with a magnificent accuracy.

A random text (300 dpi)

A text with complex layout (pictures and text) containing both Farsi and English words.

Hafez biography (300 dpi)

Brief biography of Iran and world's great poet Shamsoddin Mohammad Hafez, scanned with 300dpi resolution. In the text there is one of his great poems, for which the ARAX has saved the page layout correctly.

A poem from Movlavi(300 dpi)

Delighting poem of Jalaloddin Mohammad Balkhi(Movlavi) scanned with 300dpi resolution.

Ferdowsi biography (200 dpi)

Biography of Ferdowsi, scanned with 300dpi resolution. There are different fonts used in this document, which ARAX has identified and used in creating output RTF file.

Alisadr cave specification (300 dpi)

A brief description of Alisadr Cave, one majestic natural scene in Hamadan. In this document, text has been decorated with pictures with complex layout.

Professor Hesabi biography (300 dpi)

This is a text about Professor Mahmood Hesabi, a well-known face in the world of physics. This is also containing both Farsi and English words and is written in a two column layout.

ARAXPage specification (300 dpi)

This is about ARAX software, in landscape orientation and containing colored background textboxes.

AraxPage ScreenShots

Some screen-shots from ARAXPage professional Edition, will let you become more familiar with the ARAXPage. Pictures are chosen so that they display basic operations of the program. Although they don't tell everything about ARAXPage, for more information, you can refer to ARAXPage features link.

batch-pro.jpg spell-pro.jpg setting-pro.jpg main-pro.jpg
Batch management
Spell checking
ARAXPage setup
Main screen


editor-pro.jpg prop-pro.jpg enhance-pro.jpg
Document properties
Enhancement module


splash_pro.jpg zoning-pro.jpg
ARAXPage splash screen
Document auto-zoning


Output document regeneration

AraxPage Features

ARAXPage as the first and most powerful Farsi OCR software has unique features which are listed below:


Automatic document layout analysis and recognition accuracy

ARAXPage's automatic analysis of document layout and high accuracy in extracting texts, makes it an outstanding product. Some of these features are:

  1. Automatic correction of rotation and black edges of scanned documents:

    ARAXPage can automatically delete black edges of documents and also corrects rotations which are usually occurred during scan process. This increases recognition accuracy.

  2. Enhancing pictures quality:

    For different reasons including low quality of printed document, noises, dirt and blemishes or incorrect scan settings, the document image may not be qualified for OCR process. ARAXPage provides you with picture editing and enhancement tools by which you can enhance document images manually and increase the accuracy.

  3. High Accuracy:

    Innovative approaches are used in the software which are carefully chosen for Farsi language. This has improved the quality of recognition dramatically. In the same time, ARAXPage can read typed English texts with high accuracy also. In other words by purchasing ARAXPage you don't need an English OCR system.

  4. Automatic Language Identification:

    ARAXPage is capable of identifying English words and phrases in midst of Farsi text and read them. For this reason, you can comfortably use
    ARAXPage for converting new scientific Farsi articles which include many English words.

  5. Trade-off between speed and accuracy:

    For documents with suitable quality, you can choose to read documents very fast and do your job in less time.

  6. Possibility of recognition of text in pictures:

    If there is certain text inside some pictures and you want to read them, ARAXPage provides you with tools to this by creating text zones inside those pictures manually.

  7. Possibility of manual zoning:

    If for any reason (e.g. drastically low quality of document image) automatic zoning did not work properly or you want to change it (e.g. you don't want to read all parts of document) you can do it manually!


WYSIWYG Editor and standard output formats

ARAXPage includes a built-in text editor which enables you to easily correct extracted texts in case they need corrections. By this editor, you don't need to use other editors like Microsoft® Word®, although in the included editor original image of the word you want to correct is displayed along with it. Some features of this part are:

  1. Farsi Font Recognition:

    One of the most important features of ARAXPage is the capability of text font recognition. Currently ARAXPage can identify 10 famous Farsi fonts successfully.

  2. Table Recognition:

    ARAXPage can identify table in document image and read its cells separately.

  3. Preserving document layout:

    ARAXPage with above two features along with others can preserve document image layout and create the output exactly as seen in document image. It's obvious that this feature saves time for users by eliminating the need for recreating layout in other editors.

  4. Display of original image of chosen word in editor:

    ARAXPage displays original image of word or phrase which you are currently editing and also highlights the corresponding part of document image. There's no need to say how much this feature eases editing operation.

  5. Farsi and English Spell-Checker:

    If there's a word recognized which is not in the dictionary, ARAXPage shows this word to you and list the suggestions sorted according to similarity. You can use several Farsi and English dictionaries at the same time.

  6. Search and replace:

    This feature enables you to apply a series of similar changes easily.


User Interface

We've tried our best to bring you OCR functionality with simplest form. This will enable even novice users to utilize ARAXPage easily. Some of the features are:

  1. Simplicity and Usability:

    To run major operation with software only one click of mouse is enough. Even there's a standard set of shortcuts defined so that user don't even need clicking to do what he/she wants!

  2. Batch Management:

    ARAXPage enables you to collect relevant document images together and perform OCR actions on some of them, all of them or one of them. Also you can save your current batch and continue your work on the next session.

  3. Document status:

    If the user wants to know the status of a document (from OCR point of view), it suffices to command software to display document status! By this utility in addition to the status of document, you can even see the histogram of recognition confidence!


Support for Networking (Network edition only)

In case you've chosen network edition for your organization, incorporation or company, in addition to economic benefits you can utilize networking capabilities too:

  1. Distributing process load on the network:

    Each of network clients can take a specific role in OCR process and this will increase the overall speed.

  2. Easy expansion:

    If you've got too many documents it suffices to buy some new computers and connect them to your network, afterwards put a part of process load on them.

  3. Centralized control utility:

    In network edition you can manage the OCR process centrally and apply your own standards to whole OCR workflow. Added to this you can supervise users and see how they work on-line.

  4. Economic solution for organizations:

    If you want to provide many people in your organization with OCR technology, we will give you reasonable discount (according to number of users).


What's OCR?

  • What's OCR?

    OCR is abbreviation for Optical Character Recognition and stands for technology of converting printed images into editable files by means of optically identifying words.

  • Why we must use OCR?

    Suppose that you've got a paper text such as a deed, book, RFP, ... and you have to enter it as an editable text file to computer in order to use it in your research, report or ...
    The first way coming to mind and unfortunately usual for Farsi texts is to retype the text manually.
    It's obvious that this is a time consuming process. This shows itself more obviously when there are several pages to retype. Another approach which has come to life by extension of information technology is to scan and get digital images from documents.
    However this method by producing and electronic archive improves the process of archiving and eliminates need for large office spaces for archiving paper documents, there is no way of searching the texts of these documents and exploiting computer technologies such as data mining.
    OCR software does the conversion of scanned images to searchable files. These software creates digital files by identifying different parts of document images and converting text parts to editable file.

  • OCR Technology

    If we look at OCR software as a black-box, its an entity which gets images of documents and generates editable and searchable digital files.
    After getting the image, the first step is analyzing the layout of the image. The image layout is divided to table, text and image blocks.
    Afterwards according to zone type ARAX does required steps and recovers information

    1. Text zones are processed and their content and font information is read.
    2. Images are kept as is.
    3. Tables are read cell by cell and put in output as a table preserving layout.

In next stage, ARAX shows read document in a WYSIWYG editor. You can correct any mistakes by use of a spellchecker.
At the end of process, ARAX generates files with your desired format with all the information from document which can be put in the file.

  • Comparison between Farsi and Latin OCRs?

    For Latin languages such as English and French there has been OCR softwares for years and has passed a history of change and improvement, but unfortunately there has not been a suitable OCR for Farsi despite of 2000 history of life of this language.

    One of the reasons for this is the high complexity and complex structure of Farsi writing in comparison to Latin. For example where in Latin texts characters are written separately, making identification very easy, in Farsi first the words must be identified. Each word must be broken to segments creating it. This part, according to different fonts in Farsi is the most difficult part.
    ARAXPage which is a result of continuous effort in research and development department of HODA System, has solved many of problems facing Farsi OCR systems and after years has made Farsi language equipped with a powerful OCR system. Currently for providing users with as much capability as possible, ARAXPage can read English texts as well as English OCR softwares. Added to this, ARAXPage can identify English words and phrases in midst of Farsi texts.

  • OCR applications

    As the business and office processes are still based on paper documents, OCR can be utilized in every part of governmental and private organizations. In this section some of the OCR applications are described.

    • OCR as the optimal way of entering information

      Typing information manually from printed documents, is a common task that is done every day in office activities of many organizations. This job is time consuming, and costly. Added to this, the typed information always has a percentage of operator mistakes. These errors are reduced by means of several stages of reviews, in some cases errors will remain after all the stages. ARAX as the most powerful OCR software can eliminate this boring procedure and automate it.

      Some of OCR applications in this regard
      -Fast recovery of letters, contracts,... that are available printed.
      -Completion of tender documents and answers to RFPs more fast.
      -Completion and update of technical and financial reports, marketing plans and more, using available printed papers.
    • OCR as the only way of creating digital libraries

      Farsi language as the oldest language in life not only is a pride for Iran but also has gained a most valuable place in the world literature. Despite this and despite the fact that there are several books written in this language, absence of a good digital library has put a serious problem in front of expansion of this language.

  • ARAXPage as the most powerful Farsi OCR can eliminate the gap between current situation and creating rich digital libraries with a high speed and accuracy.